Islamic Studies Level 2

menuIdeally, 7-8-year old second or third grade students should use this book. The children are in their second or third year in a formal Islamic class. This book builds on the knowledge base of the Level 1 book, with an additional emphasis while introducing the basics of Islam. The book uses easy to understand, simple, and child-friendly language and sentences. The book has 28 lessons. As with the Level 1 book, this book also begins with a few topics on Allah, the Qur’an, Islam, Rasulullah (S), and the Hadith and Sunnah. The concept of the 5 Pillars of Islam is reintroduced with additional details. Early understanding of the 5 Pillars will help children progress through other areas of the curriculum in the coming years. Students will learn about the four Rightly Guided Khalifas, a short history of 6 prophets, Islamic values and morals, the Day of Judgment, Muslims from different nations and so forth.

As with the Level 1 book, each lesson begins with a coloring page. The coloring time helps students settle down and be comfortable before the lesson begins. Children have short attention spans; therefore, short paragraphs introduce two or three concepts. This is followed by an in-class review section to allow for a short break and reinforce learning. Homework is included in the book as well. There is no need to buy another homework book.

About this book

8.5" x 11", 160 pages, perfect bound, 28 lessons
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Content of this book

To build the foundation of Islamic knowledge, this book has vast array of topics. The students will learn about Allah, Qur'an, Muhammad (S), sunnah and hadith,five pillar, brief history of khalifas, several rasuls and nabis, and learn to build Islamic moral character. The list of the topics are in the

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    1. Allah the Creator
    2. Blessings of Allah
    3. The Qur’an
    4. Muhammad (S)
    5. Sunnah and Hadith
    6. Five Pillars of Islam
    7. Shahadah
    8. Salat
    9. Sawm
    10. Charity
    11. Hajj
    12. Wudu
    13. Four Khalifas
    14. Ibrahim (A)
    15. Ya’qub (A) and Yusuf (A)
    16. Musa (A) and Harun (A)
    17. Yunus (A)
    18. Angels
    19. Food That We May Eat
    20. Truthfulness
    21. Kindness
    22. Respect
    23. Responsibility
    24. Obedience
    25. Cleanliness
    26. Honesty
    27. Day of Judgment and Hereafter
    28. Muslims from Different Nations

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