Islamic Studies Level 6

menuThe Level 6 Islamic Studies book is for 10-13 year old children who have completed the Level 5 book from Weekend Learning Series or children who have acquired similar Islamic knowledge. Ideally, 6th grade students should use this book.

With their progress through the Islamic Studies curriculum, students are now introduced to additional new topics with greater depth. The Level 6 book takes a break from the life of Rasulullah (S) in order to cover several important topics that have not been covered previously. These topics include the objective of the Qur’an, the Compilation of the Qur’an, the relationship of the Qur’an with previous books and the compilation of Hadith. Morals and activities from the lives of Nuh (A), Dawud (A), Sulaiman (A) are covered. The life and activities of Musa (A) are covered in several chapters. The life and works of Khadijah, ‘A’ishah and Fatimah (ra) are covered in three chapters.

Homework becomes more intensive. Students are required to consult a translation of the Qur’ān to answer some of the homework. As with other Weekend Learning Islamic Studies books, homework is included.

About this book

8.5" x 11", 136 pages, perfect bound, 28 lessons
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Content of this book

To build the foundation of Islamic knowledge, this book has vast array of topics. The students will learn about Allah, Islam, Muhammad (S), five pillar, brief history of several rasuls and nabis, and learn to build Islamic moral character. The list of the topics are in the

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    1. Attributes of Allah: These are the Most Beautiful
    2. Promise of Allah: It is Always True
    3. Objective of the Qur’an
    4. Compilation of the Qur’an
    5. Previous Scriptures and the Qur’an
    6. Importance of Shahadah
    7. Compilation of Hadith
    8. Nuh (A): Truth is Most Important
    9. Talut, Jalut and Dawud(A)
    10. Dawud and Sulaiman (A)
    11. Sulaiman (A) and the Queen
    12. Musa (A) and Fir‘awn
    13. Bani Isra’il: Life after Their Rescue
    14. Musa (A) and Khidir
    15. ‘Isa (A) and Maryam (ra)
    16. Khadijah (ra): Finest Example of a Committed Wife
    17. ‘A’ishah (ra): Beloved Wife of the Prophet (S)
    18. Fatimah (ra): The Lady of the Light
    19. Al-Qiyamah: The Awakening
    20. Ruh and Nafs: An Overview
    21. The Angels and The Jinn
    22. Shaitan: The Invisible Enemy
    23. Taqwa: The Quality of True Believers
    24. My Friend is a Muslim Now
    25. Friendship: With Others and With Opposite Gender
    26. ‘Reading’ Salat or Performing Salat
    27. Muslims Around the World
    28. People of Other Faiths

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