Islamic Studies Level 8

menuThe Level 8 book is for 12 to 15 year old children who have completed the Level 7 book from Weekend Learning or children who have acquired similar Islamic knowledge. Ideally, eighth-grade students should use this book.

Progressing through the Islamic Studies curriculum, students are now introduced to additional new topics with greater depth. These mature students will now learn the objective of the Qur’an with a new perspective. Interesting topics such as Trials in Life, Importance of Hope, Friends and Friendship, Duties Toward Parents and so forth are covered. These topics will build excellent moral grounds in the students. The book reintroduces some of the key events from Rasulullah’s (S) life in Makkah with an objective to highlight the abiding teachings we can learn from them. Studnets will learn the history of the major battles and also the activities of some of the non-Muslim tribes living in Madinah. Several other topics cover Islamic values and morals.

Homework becomes more intensive. Students are required to consult a translation of the Qur’ān to answer some of the homework. Homework is included in the book, thus eliminating the necessity to buy another homework book.

About this book

8.5" x 11", 176 pages, perfect bound, 28 lessons
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Content of this book

To build the foundation of Islamic knowledge, this book has vast array of topics. The students will learn about Allah, Islam, Muhammad (S), five pillar, brief history of several rasuls and nabis, and learn to build Islamic moral character. The list of the topics are in the

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    1. Divine Names
    2. Objective of the Qur’an
    3. Hadith: Collection and Classification
    4. Madhhab: A Brief Overview
    5. Hope, Hopefulness, Hopelessness
    6. Trial in Life: Everybody Will Experience It
    7. Friends - Friendship: Who is a Good Friend
    8. Friendship with Non-Muslims
    9. Dating: How Islam Looks at the Issue
    10. Duties Towards Parents
    11. Islam for Middle School Students
    12. The Battle of Badr
    13. The Battle of Uhud
    14. Banu Qaynuqa: Threat Within Madinah
    15. Banu Nadir: Treachery in Madinah
    16. The Battle of Khandaq
    17. Banu Qurayzah
    18. Surah Al-Ahzab on the Battle of Khandaq
    19. Hudaibiyah Treaty: A Clear Victory
    20. Mission to Tabuk: A Test of Steadfastness
    21. Farewell Pilgrimage
    22. Performance of Hajj
    23. Paradise and Hell
    24. Finality of the Prophethood
    25. Early History of Shi‘ah
    26. Umayyad Dynasty
    27. Abbasid Dynasty
    28. Permitted and Prohibited Food

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