Islamic Studies Level 9

menuThe Level 9 Islamic Studies textbook is for 13 to 15 year old students who have completed the evel 8 book from the Weekend Learning Series or students who have acquired similar Islamic knowledge. Ideally, ninth- or tenth-grade students should use this book.

Students in this age group are serious readers and can analyze complex topics. For this reason, in this book, students are now introduced to additional age-appropriate, moral-building topics with greater depth. Thought-provoking topics such as Ponder Over the Qur’an, Islam and Violence, Peer Pressure, Alcohol and Gambling, Permitted and Prohibited Food, Food of the People of the Book, Indecency, Family Values and so forth are covered. Many of these topics provide materials for inter-faith discussion. All topics are sure to provide high-school students sufficient materials for serious, intelligent discussion.

Homework becomes more intensive. Students are required to consult a translation of the Qur’ān to answer some of the homework. Homework is included in the book, thus eliminating the necessity to buy another homework book.

About this book

8.5" x 11", 150 pages, perfect bound, 28 lessons
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Content of this book

To build the foundation of Islamic knowledge, this book has vast array of topics. The students will learn about Allah, Islam, Muhammad (S), five pillar, brief history of several rasuls and nabis, and learn to build Islamic moral character. The list of the topics are in the

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    1. Signs of Allah in nature
    2. Ponder over Qur’an
    3. Preservation and Compilation of the Qur’an
    4. Ibadat - Some easy ways to do it
    5. Why human being are superior
    6. Is Islam a violent religion
    7. Peer Pressure
    8. Choices We make
    9. Dating in Islam
    10. Alcohol and Gambling
    11. Permitted and Prohibited Food
    12. Food of the People of the Book
    13. Khadijah (ra)
    14. Prophet (S)’s Multiple Marriage
    15. Marriage with Zainab (ra)
    16. The Prophet (S) – A great Army General
    17. God’s Chosen People
    18. Musa’s Personality
    19. Prophecy of Muhammad in the Bible
    20. Shi‘ah Muslims
    21. Muslims in North America
    22. Life cycle of truth - examples from prophets lives
    23. How Ramadan can bring the best in us
    24. Indecency
    25. Allegations Against the Prophet (S)
    26. Family Values
    27. Shariah
    28. Justice In Islam

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