Islamic Wall Calendars

Why Should Your Masjid Make a Calendar?

companyPrinting calendars for your Masjid or Islamic Center is a smart and professional way to reach out to your community. Well-made calendars are appreciated and used by most people. If local prayer times are listed in the calendars, people find value in it. Any other promotional materials get thrown away, but a calendar is used for the whole year. People use white spaces in the calendars to note important events or appointments.

Weekend Learning Publishers and Taqwa Prints have set up a division "Crescent Calendar" to fulfil the need of masajid to create quality Islamic wall calendars at an affordable price.

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Local businesses are always willing to support the production cost of calendar by placing their advertisements. 10 advertisements can easily offset the production cost. These advertisements do not compromise the aesthetics of a calendar. See samples in the website of Crescent Calendar

Calendars can be sold at nominal price of $5.00 to raise funds for your masjid or community center. With production cost taken care of from paid advertisements, anything you earn from the sale of calendar is revenue for your masjid. For example, proceeds from 1,000 calendars at $5.00 a piece can generate $5,000. Proceeds from 2,000 calendars at $5.00 a piece can generate $10,000 fund for your masjid.

Printing Islamic Calendars Has Never Been So Easy

Give your community members a calendar they will love to display. It is one of the least expensive way to keep in touch with your members. Most local businesses will support the cost of production by placing advertisements in the calendar. Just ask some of the businesses, medical offices, realtors, attorneys - you will be amazed at the response. Your cost of printing the calendar can become free with these paid advertisements from local businesses. So, why should your masjid hesitate printing their wall calendar?

Is designing and printing an issue? Let our expert designers take care of the designing and printing the calender. We guarantee that you will be satisfied.

Printing Islamic calendar has never been made so easy. Contact us to place your 2015 calendar orders.